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This safari might be the most likely chance to find Northern Lights in your whole journey. Without any roof and light, the sky is perfect for you to admire. Our guide will all the time renew the current weather conditions and flexibly choose the destination. For taking good photos in darkness, we will also bring the tripod for customers’ camera. You just need some luck and it is unpredictable natural phenomenon. The trip with full of expectation!

Aurora borealis and dinner in an ice restaurant
Aurora Borealis with dinner in a Magic place

Daily Departure 19:00
99€/Adult 69€/Children

Ice-floating in the night in the frozen lake in Lapland
Ice-Floating in the Polar Night

Daily departure 19:30 until 28.2.2019 & at 20:00 starting from 1.3.2019
92 €/Adult 46€/Children

Night Reindeer Safari Aurora Hunting

Daily departure 18:30
139€/adult 99€/child

Aurora Photography Trip

Daily departure 19:30
85€/Adult 45€/Child

Photographing Auroras by Minibus
Aurora Borealis Trip

Daily departure 19:30
75€/adult 39€/child

Searching Aurora with Snowmobile

Daily departures 19:30
119€/adult 79€/child

Aurora Hunting by Tank

Daily departure 18:00
145€/adult 79€/child

Private Aurora Trip with Wilderness Dinner

Daily departure: 18:30
139€/adult 89€/child