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Arctic Animals

If meeting a bear in nature sounds not temping, now we have the opportunities to visit our Arctic animal friends in the Ranua Wildlife Zoo. Here you could see more than 50 species of animals and birds live in natural conditions of northern latitudes. Wish to have more intimate contacts? Then how about visit a traditional reindeer farm to feed those docile animals with their favourite food while listening to incredible stories about them? Summer is also a great time to hike with our lovely puppies. Driving away from the city, you could take your own husky for a walking in the nice Lappish nature. Forget all the troubles in city, do nothing but only enjoying your peaceful holiday.

Horse Riding in Arctic Summer

4 hrs. Riding Safari
Daily departures 9:00

Reindeer Farm Visit & Fishing Trip

5.5 hrs. Reindeer Farm Visit & Fishing Trip
Daily departures 9:30

All about Arctic Summer

5.5 hrs. Husky Ride, Reindeer Farm Visit & Santa Claus Village Visit
Daily departures 9:00

Visit to a Local Reindeer Farm

2 hrs. Reindeer Safari
Daily departures 9:30 / 14:30

Husky Farm Visit in Summer Time

2 hrs. Husky Safari
Daily departures 9:30 / 14:30

Taking a Husky Walking

3 hrs. Husky Safari
Daily departures 9:30 / 14:30

Arctic Wildlife Zoo—Ranua Visit in Summer Time

5.5 hrs. Zoo Visit Activity
Daily departures 9:00