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Santa's sleigh? No, no, this is YOUR sleigh 🙂

Santa's sleigh? No, no, this is YOUR sleigh :)

In a traditional reindeer farm where live so many reindeers with nice looking antlers. You will feed those docile animals with their favorite food and sit in a sledge pulled by reindeer into the deep snow forest for about one hour. It is a great opportunity to take many photos during riding. Later, you will be invited to the farmer’s house having warm drinks and pastry, while you could know more about local life and cultures.

Husky team! Let's go!!!

Husky team! Let's go!!!

This is the time for forest exploration! Driving your own husky team and run into the wilderness of Lapland. Crossing the river with ice, hill with snow, tasting the real lifestyle in Arctic circle. Meanwhile, sausages, snacks and hot drinks are ready for you when you back from riding. You will stay in a warm hut (kota) and listen more stories about dogs from husky man. You could also take more photos with the “star dogs”. Come on, let's go!!!